Singer Goo Hara's brother, Mr. Guhoin, said, "It is the last gift I can give to my brother." The 'Kuhara Act' includes the removal of inheritance rights for parents who have not fulfilled their parenting duties. 

Today (22th), a press conference was held at the National Assembly Communication Hall in the morning, and the 20th National Assembly appealed to pass the 'Abandoned Law'. 

"My brother often talked about his anger, regret and longing for his biological mother," said Mr. Gu. "My brother and I came to the funeral home while she was leaving for 2019 and had funeral." 

"After that, my mother's lawyers came to me and were shocked to ask for half of the price of the sale of real estate owned by my brother." I made a petition for legislation to prevent it from happening again. "

He said, "The old Hara law is the last gift that can be given to a younger brother." 

Their mother's mother had been in contact for more than 20 years, but it was said to have claimed her inheritance after the death of Mr. Guhara. 

(Composition: Joeul Sun, Filming: Jinho Park, Editing: Hongmyeong Lee)