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the Samsung Seoul Hospital where four nurses were confirmed, there were no additional confirmed patients today (21st). However, one person outside the hospital who met a confirmed nurse a few days ago was confirmed. Health officials have decided to extend the period of epidemiological investigations in order to find those who are hiding.

This is reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


Yesterday, a nurse at Samsung Seoul Hospital, who was confirmed to be asymptomatic, met five acquaintances on the first weekend after switching away from life.

They went to restaurants, karaoke and taverns around Gangnam Station.

One of them is a nurse from Seosan, Chungnam, which was confirmed yesterday, and the other is an acquaintance who lives in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, confirmed today.

Health authorities are conducting epidemiological investigations based on the timing, place, and the number of confirmed persons, weighing on the possibility that Corona 19 was transmitted to the hospital through the meeting.

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current health authorities symptoms parties confirmed Two days before manifestation, and asymptomatic, two days before the examination, the contacts are found and managed.

Seosan Nurse, who met 10 days before the examination, was not classified as a contact person, so if a nurse at Samsung Seoul Hospital did not recommend the examination to acquaintances after the diagnosis, the doctor outside the hospital would not have been found.

The health authorities also confirmed the problem and moved the contact investigation time to May 7, two days before the meeting, and are finding and testing 174 more contacts.

However, even with the characteristic of corona 19, which has frequent asymptomatic infections, there are limitations to significantly expand the scope of epidemiological investigations, and the concerns of health authorities are growing.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)