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The latest viral fashion that circulates on WhatsApp and social networks has to do with the name change on Instagram . It is not about modifying the username (unique and distinguished with @), but the name with which we introduce ourselves to our followers, which allows the insertion of symbols and that can be repeated.

It is precisely from repetition that the joke arises . According to the trick that circulates on social networks, if a user changes his name and puts the name of another person, both accounts will be linked .

In this way, if a user changes his name from Pedro to El Mundo, his account would be linked to that of @elmundo_es. And if that user were to change his name again, for example, 'I am stupid', in the account of El Mundo it would also appear 'I am stupid'.

But all this is a lie and the only thing that causes it is that the user who tries to make the joke is finally the victim. This is because Instagram does not allow more than two name changes in a row every 14 days .

Thus, whoever has fallen into the trap will remain with the name of, for example, 'I am stupid', for two weeks without being able to do anything to remedy it.

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