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new suspect has been released who is accused of killing two missing women in Jeonju and Busan. 31 years old, his name is the latest. The police decided to release the personal information, saying that brutal and elaborate crimes are to be admitted.

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The identity of the suspect suspected of killing two missing women in Jeonju and Busan has been released.

Born in 89, he is 31 years old.

It was once a wrestling prospect, but was confirmed to have had a history of sexual crime and theft after becoming an adult.

The Jeonbuk Police, which held the Personal Information Disclosure Committee, decided to release the latest name, age and face.

Seven committee members said the latest crimes were acknowledged, including brutal killings and abandonment of the body every four days.

In addition, he admitted to committing the crime, and determined that it would be possible to disclose the new information as sufficient physical evidence such as CCTV images and DNA identification results were secured.

[Jungdeokgyo / Jeonbuk Police Agency strong chief: decided to release personal information about the suspect for the purpose of public interest, including the right to know and prevent crimes and report on additional crimes.]

Choi Jong-jong sexually assaulted 34-year-old Mr. A on the 15th of last month . He was later put on trial for murdering and giving up the body.

Four days later, 29-year-old B from Busan is also being investigated by police for murder and abandonment of the body.

Police are still looking for links to missing women across the country, with additional crimes in mind.

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