Today (20th), there were schools where high school students did not go to school at all or sent students in the middle of classes. In Incheon, two high school students were confirmed today, and the school they attended and the nearby school had to go back to school at home until this Friday. In Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, schools in the area where confirmed students have deferred school to tomorrow.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho continues.


A high school in Michuhol-gu, Incheon.

Before lunchtime, high school students leave the school in a single line.

[I will keep the arms apart, and I'll go away!]

High school students from 63 high schools in 5 districts, including Michuhol-gu, Incheon, Jung-gu, Dong-gu, Namdong-gu, and Yeonsu-gu, went to school.

[3rd grade high school students: it took a sudden (corona 19), who in the near deoni third period is ten minutes listening to lessons that come out program guide from the school, because go home (I ahswiwot)

Breakfast Incheon academy instructors related diagnosis parties today The number of people increased, but both were 3rd graders of Incheon Inhang High School.The Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education held an emergency meeting, and Inhang High School, where two confirmed students, and two schools in the vicinity canceled school, and 63 high schools in five nearby districts stopped classes and sent students home.

It is a high school attended by definite students.

Except for some faculty and staff, there is no feeling of popularity at all.

Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education decided not to go to school for 66 of these high schools until Friday, and decided to go to school next week on Friday.

The National Academic Academic Assessment scheduled for tomorrow will allow you to take it online if you wish.

The Gyeonggi-do Office of Education also delayed one day to go to nine high schools in Anseong city tomorrow, as the traffic patterns of men in their 20s who were confirmed yesterday were not fully understood.

(Video coverage: Im Dong-kuk · Tae-hoon Kim, Video editing: Park player, VJ: Noh Jae-min)   

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