Richard Wu, CEO of Huawei, accuses the United States of using cybersecurity as an excuse for action against the company. According to Wu, the real reason is that "the US technology position is in jeopardy," Bloomberg writes after a post by Wu on the Chinese platform WeChat.

The US renewed the temporary license on Friday, so that American companies can do business with the Chinese telecom manufacturer for longer. Officially, the company is blacklisted because it said it would use telecom equipment to spy on the West.

The US also announced new measures Friday to isolate Huawei from foreign companies that use American technology to develop chips. Huawei needs this for the production of smartphones.

The US is taking these measures because Huawei is said to be a threat on multiple fronts. One of the main reasons is consumer privacy and security. For example, the use of Huawei equipment in 5G networks would pose a risk to espionage practices. The US also fears the influence of the Chinese state.