The face of Moon Gyung-wook, the 'God Got' who made room n of the Telegram that shared the sexual exploitation of minors, was revealed. Moon Hyung-wook said he ordered three cases of sexual assault, including a known high school girl incident in Daegu.

Reporter Eunjin Seo from TBC.


Moon Hyeong-wook at the Andong Police Station detention center walks out.

Moon Hyung-wook, who took off his hat and mask, was younger than the photo at the time of the resident registration, but his head with a round face and a forehead was not much different from before.

Moon Hyung-wook, who stood in front of the reporters, spoke in a calm voice, saying the motive for the crime.

[Moon Hyeong-wook / nth Room 'Gat Gat': I think I had the wrong sex concept.]

Moon Hyeong-wook ordered three cases of sexual assault and said there were over 50 victims of sexual exploitation.

[Moon Hyeong-wook / nth Room 'Gat Gad': (How many were ordered for sexual assault?) About 3 cases were reported. The

police confirmed that they had ordered two other cases of sexual assault in Daegu Girls' High School in 2018 and sent them to the prosecution.

[Police officials: (Is there any more than two other cases of sexual assault against a high school girl in Daegu?) Yes, there are more. (Are those victims also minors?) Yes.]

Hyung-Wook Moon stated that the crime had begun in 2015, and the police are also investigating this area in search of the victim.

The police are sending Moon Hyung-wook to the prosecution and investigating to find additional victims in addition to the 21 victims identified to date.

(Video coverage: Kyungwook Kim TBC)