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Microsoft recently released an update that fixes a bug that you could vote for if you were a person. It is a vulnerability that has been part of Windows code for more than 24 years.

It was called PrintDemon and it is present in Windows 10 although the first time it was discovered was in Windows NT 4, released in 1996. So update your computer if you want to be better defended, although if you use Windows 7 and you have not updated to Windows 10, you will have no way to do it unless you pay for Microsoft's extraordinary support option. They will force you to upgrade to the new version if not.

This failure was named DemonPrinter and if it has been 'patched' this failure is because it was being used to get elevated privileges on the system. Accessing the Windows component that regulates how files are printed, and which has been exactly the same for a decade, you could install, program, view, change or delete information and even create a user account with administrator privileges on the infected computer.

The good news is that even if a computer has been affected by this problem, it cannot spread across the computer network to which it is connected. The obtained privileges would not have on another computer that used the same printer as the infected one.

Still, it is a bug that should be replaced by downloading the update released last Tuesday in Windows 10.

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