A recent test on the new iPhone SE, which was introduced by Apple last month, revealed that it has eight strengths, which represent the "best of it", while suffering six weaknesses that represent the "worst".

The field test, which was conducted by analysts of the «Business Insider» technology specialist, that the most prominent strengths of the «iPhone SE», is that it provides the strongest performance against the cheap price available, which is about $ 400 (1468 dirhams), As it competes with the "iPhone 11 Pro", whose price exceeds $ 1,000 (3670 dirhams), while its most serious weakness was the lack of night photography capabilities, low lighting and short battery life, compared to many other phones close to it in the price, In the forefront is «Samsung Galaxy A51».

Analysts concluded that the general evaluation of the iPhone SE is that it is the best upgrade for anyone who owns an iPhone 8 or less, noting that a set of devices was tested and observed in different operating conditions in several regions within the United States , for two weeks.

Daily operation

Analysts recorded many observations during the daily operation, among them that the iPhone SE is a powerful choice for Apple fans looking for a cheap, easy-to-manage mobile device.

Analysts noted that the iPhone SE does not have a super-angle camera or low-light imaging capabilities, although similarly priced Android devices offer some of these features. They pointed out that the "iPhone SE" works with the Apple Pionic A13 processor, which is the same one that runs the "iPhone 11" and "iPhone 11 Pro". As a result, the phone appears to be fast in everyday use, as it is able to run applications, deliver "4K" videos, as well as find surfaces more quickly in augmented reality.

Ease of use

The daily use of the phone showed that it is small and compact, which means that it is easier to use with one hand and fits the pockets, in addition to that the phone proved to be the most compact and lighter iPhone device that Apple issued years ago, and it is an iPhone The only one that comes with the home page button that works with the touch recognition system to fingerprints, a little faster than the face recognition system, as when you open the device lock it only requires touching the main button on the screen, and the phone is in place, while it requires facial recognition , Pick up the phone and lift it in front of the face.


The iPhone SE phone when photographing was unable to produce more advanced or vibrant images, as is the case with other models of Apple devices, or from other Android phones of similar price, in addition to its failure to provide images Good in low light, as with multi-lens and ultra wide-angle lens systems. On this point, it is surpassed by Google and Samsung phones of similar price. Daily use also showed that the phone looks old in design, compared to other phones that are similar in price, such as the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Google Pixel 4, which offer screens with much smaller bezels, and a more modern and streamlined design. As for the battery, it was noted that the iPhone SE battery is draining quickly, which is not suitable for those who need audio and video recordings frequently throughout the day.

Weak points

• Old design.

• Camera weakness in night photography and low light.

• Shorter battery life, compared to other phones at the same price.

• Slow down the charger as it works at five watts.

• There is no port that supports external memory.

• The user cannot change the battery by himself.

strength point

• Strong performance.

• Support wireless charging.

• The fingerprint sensor is faster than face recognition.

• Lightweight.

• High screen brightness.

• Stereo headphone jacks.

• Stable and stable video recording thanks to the optical stabilizer.

• Water resistance to a depth of 30 meters for a period of 30 minutes.