Prosecutors investigating the production and distribution of sexual exploitation videos are planning to pass the 24-year-old Jo Joo-bin, the 'Parkbangbang' operator, and Kang Hoon, the 18-year-old accomplice, to the trial today (6th).

The allegations of criminal organization were not applied because additional investigations were needed.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Digital Sexual Crime Special Investigation TF is scheduled to prosecute Kang Hoon for allegedly producing and distributing pornography under the Youth Sex Protection Act today.

Kang Hoon is charged with recruiting participants and delivering crime proceeds using the nickname 'Buta' in the telegram 'Parkbang' run by Jo Joo-bin.

Kang Hoon acted as a kind of 'fund book' by paying members depositing cryptocurrency for the admission fee and cashing it out to Jo Joo-bin.

In particular, she is also accused of producing so-called 'deep fake' photos that combine women's photos with naked ones and distributing them on Twitter.

(Photo = Yonhap News)