Maybe these are also people who really need apology, but they are allegedly involved in digital sexual exploitation crimes, the so-called 'n-room'. The prosecution today passed the accomplice Kang Hoon of Dr. Jo Joo-bin, the doctor's room manager, on trial.

Reporter Lee Hyun-young.

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prosecution applied 11 allegations to Cho Joo-bin's accomplice, 18-year-old Kang Hoon.

Among them, allegations of fraud that deceived former Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun and defrauded the mayor of Gwangju were included.

Between November and December last year, Jo Joo-bin impersonated the judge and Kang Hoon impersonated the judge's secretary, approaching Mayor Yoon, who was under trial for violating the election law at that time.

As a result of the prosecution investigation, Mr. Kang and others deceived "I will give you a favorable trial," and it was found that he received 10 million won and 10 million won from Mayor Yoon twice.

In addition, the prosecution also included charges that Kang threatened 18 victims, including 7 children and adolescents, by prosecuting Jo Joo-bin from September to November last year to produce and distribute sexual exploits.

Mr. Kang is also accused of exchanging about 26 million won to Joo Joo Bin by exchanging virtual money deposited as a crime fund.

Prosecutors said they would continue to investigate criminal organizing crimes against 34 criminals who actively participated in the crimes of Cho Joo-bin and Kang Hoon, beyond simply providing the funds for the crimes, and to keep track of the additional criminal proceeds that were hidden.