Twenty-five accomplices charged with helping defraud Jo Joo-bin of the so-called 'Dr. Bang' operator who created and distributed sex exploits were arrested.

The Seoul Central District Court's Deputy Chief Justice Kim Tae-gyun issued two arrest warrants today (6th), including Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee, who were filed by the police for alleged fraud.

Judge Kim said, "We are expected to have a high execution type in light of the contents of the crime, the role of the suspects, the level of involvement, and the extent of the damages."

Mr. Kim and others are accused of receiving instructions from Mr. Cho and transferring the money they have received from JTBC CEO Sohn Seok-hee and former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun to Mr. Cho.

They were found to have been involved in a number of articles that cheated about selling drugs on the Telegram before Mr. Cho ran the doctor's room and intercepted money.

In addition, they are also charged with exchanging cryptocurrencies paid by Dr. Bang's crime funding providers to Mr. Cho for the admission fee.

(Photo = Yonhap News)