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Being the visible face of the fight against the pandemic in Spain has its pros and cons. Fernando Simón, director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health , awakens the most fervent love as well as the most visceral hatreds.

Today Twitter wakes up with the first, with a love song composed by the video creator Christian Flores , author of that famous Velaske, I am beautiful? : "Fernando TKM. I've made you a song", he announces. And indeed, the statement is not wasted.

"Fernando I love you, I feel things for you real. I want to sleep nestled between your eyebrows and your knowing how to be", the topic starts, "and when all this happens you will return to have a quiet breakfast in a bar. Many people will ask you for selfies , and even if you are shy you will please them. "

"I want to go to Congress and kiss you," he continues, "but I would never do that to you, I take your advice seriously and kisses are prohibited." All seasoned with phosphorous labels such as "Simón tell him" and with some of the most striking statements by the epidemiologist, such as when at a press conference he assured that he had not eaten almonds "just in case", after the previous day he suffered an attack of cough after choking on a dry fruit.

The declaration of love in the form of a video clip concludes with a battery of questions: "Fernando, do you want water? Are you okay? Has anyone asked you if you are okay? Is there something we can do?", And with a suggestion: "Take a vacation, you want Fer".

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