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PewDiePie, content creator on video games and controversial network star will now broadcast his videos live exclusively on YouTube. Felix Kjellberg, whose real name is, "has garnered 104 million subscribers and generated over 25 billion views at this point. This is much more than any other YouTube channel managed by a single individual, "said in a press release published on Monday the company, which derives its income from advertising.

Guess who's streaming exclusively on YouTube now?

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The Swedish thirties, who created his channel ten years ago, first became known by filming himself testing video games, then with humorous videos. Its contents made it ultra-popular, but its insulting or racist remarks also caused scandals.

An asset against the competition

But for YouTube, Felix Kjellberg is a great asset. Because the Google subsidiary competes with both Netflix and Twitch (Amazon). This platform for broadcasting video games and live e-sports claims 1.5 million viewers on average, at all times, and 10 billion hours of content watched in 2019. YouTube, for its part, is the most large global gaming platform with "more than 200 million players, active every day who watch more than 50 billion hours of games per year".

Direct or "live" has taken on phenomenal importance on certain networks, particularly with the period of confinement. "In 2020 and after, I'm going to focus a lot on live streaming," said PewDiePie in the press release. “So this partnership with YouTube, and being at the forefront of new features, is very exciting for the future. "

Controversial remarks

This agreement comes after a cold period between the Google platform and PewDiePie. In February 2017, YouTube and a Disney studio had stripped him of contracts after several videos containing anti-Semitic insults or Nazi references.

PewDiePie made amends several times, blaming his behavior on the "heat of the moment" or explaining that he understood only after the fact why his jokes were "hurtful".


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