Game store Steam registered nearly a million additional virtual reality users after the release of VR game Half-Life: Alyx . That reports RoadtoVR based on Steam's monthly survey data.

It's the biggest increase in the number of VR users on Steam ever. That means that now 2.7 million Steam users have a VR headset connected to their computer.

It is not clear in how many cases new headsets are involved. Some users may not have paired their VR headset with Steam yet, as in the case of Oculus Quest users. The Quest works without a PC connection, but can be connected to a computer with a cable.

Half-Life: Alyx came out in March. This full-fledged sequel to game classic Half-Life comes from Steam owner Valve and was critically acclaimed by the media.

Steam asks users monthly what kind of hardware they use on the platform. This survey is conducted at the beginning of the month. That is why the figures for Alyx have only now been published.

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