Tesla is hot in the Netherlands. For example, the brand delivered nearly 30,000 copies of the Model 3 last year. This can put a switch on an organization, especially if it is relatively new. Does the customer notice any of this? And if so: what exactly? Share your experience with us on our response platform NUjij.

Do you have a Tesla? Share your experiences - positive or negative - with the American brand below on comment platform NUjij.

About 50,000 Teslas are now driving around in the Netherlands. More than half of them were registered last year. These drivers, who often never drove Tesla or even electrically, are now dealing with the brand's after sales for the first time.

To clarify: after sales stands for the contact that a company has, with or without customer service, after purchasing a product with the customer. This includes, for example, a service to a car.

Just like the Tesla cars, the organization does everything slightly differently. For example, the brand has no importer and no dealer locations. In addition, Tesla has only been active in the Netherlands for eleven years and the brand has grown faster than any competitor. To illustrate: between 2017 and 2019, sales increased by 737 percent.

In short: even if Tesla would like it, it sometimes cannot help customers who want to call on the workshop. With small complaints with a Tesla it is possible to arrange a mechanic at home or at work, but that is not always sufficient.