There are cases of exploiting Corona and hacking Korean computers in North Korea and China. It's an instruction given by my boss regarding corona, so read it. I send an email so that I can't see it.

I am the best reporter.

<Reporter> This

email was sent to a group affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 26, when Corona 19 was out of control.

It is titled 'Instructions for the President of Corona 19,' and a document file in MS Word is attached.

[Jang Young-jun / Team of security company: It is the direction of the chairman, and it is a serious issue even in the government


The corona-related countermeasure meeting contains the patient status.

There is an email that pretends to be an Incheon city official to write down and send a record of corona patients.

The person who received the email will close 'Oh, it's like this' soon, but as soon as the file is opened, the malicious code is automatically created in the private folder, and the malicious code communicates with the hacker server and removes the information from the PC.

As a result of the analysis of malicious codes, the security industry explained that it was an attempt to hack North Korea.

[Young-Jun Jang / Team of Security Company: Another big change occurs or the mouse moves suddenly, and there is no such thing at all. So there is very little that users really can feel something.] It

is not just North Korea.

'Shincheonji Emergency Contact Network' email using the actual Shincheonji local church phone number.

An email with actual reports shared by the World Health Organization in each country was analyzed by the Chinese hacking group.

Iran also distributed malicious code that deceives calls and text records by cheating as it is an app that tells the current status of corona patients.

[/ Transactions security company chief. A total of 13 groups since then corona issues fashion worldwide until March, using the topic still had tried to hack into these]

feature of these attacks are of particular individuals or groups Computer Is that it doesn't end with being robbed.

The personal computer becomes a stepping stone, and the information of the affiliated organization gets into the hacker's hands, and eventually the information of the government department connected to the agency can be passed on.

In order to reduce hacking damage, one or more vaccines are installed and checked periodically, and frequently used software must be updated with security programs.

Also, if you ask to allow macros when executing email attachments, you must suspect the possibility of malicious code.

(Video coverage: Moon-Bae Bae, Video editing: Hwan-Hee Won, VJ: Joon-Ho Kim)