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Xiaomi, in addition to mobile phones, manufactures an infinity of gadgets and household appliances, but behind its phones, its activity bracelets are the best known. Its new model, the Amazfit X, seeks to expand its catalog and bring it closer to that of smart watches such as the Apple Watch.

The Amazfit brand is one of the several nomenclatures that Xiaomi has for its devices within the company's ecosystem but that do not carry the name 'Xiaomi'. In China, they are distributed as 'Huami' bracelets, without going any further, but they are still manufactured by this Chinese giant.

The Amazfit X has a 2-inch full-color screen, with an AMOLED panel, which would allow displaying a lot of information in addition to the time, keystrokes and mobile notifications, which is the most common on these devices. So much so that they have been encouraged to include an electrocardiogram, something that very few bracelets now have on the market.

The ECG is active 24 hours a day, so it serves to more closely monitor the user's health status and know their blood oxygen level, how they sleep and if there are any occasional arrhythmia that could end up being worrisome. Obviously, it is not a substitute for more accurate medical monitoring, but it can serve as a preventive measure.

The second most prominent feature of the Amazfit X is its battery, which promises to last a week, seven days. It will always depend on the use that is given, like everything in this type of device, but it is an interesting promise given that few products reach these performance quotas.

Other features include personalization of the 'watch' that appears on the screen during use or monitoring of nine different sports.

Interestingly, the Amazfit X will not be for sale by standard methods, but will first be launched with a crowdfunding campaign through the Indiegogo platform. Fortunately, the minimum quota of $ 33,000 that was requested has been reached and exceeded by far, reaching reserves of up to $ 300,000 in a few hours.

Those who support the campaign will be able to get this activity bracelet for just $ 149 in exchange, although the rest of the mortals will have to be eligible for these, they will have to drop $ 329 in August, when it is scheduled to launch.

The price for Spain is not closed, but if the typical direct adaptation of dollars is made, it should not exceed 350 euros.

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