The Japanese company "Toyota" unveiled its all-new car, "Yaris Cross", as a special model for the year 2021, belonging to the category of "crossover" cars, based on the "Yaris Hatchback" model, with a wider interior space, and a four-wheel drive system that comes within the specifications Optional, that the car be put on the market during the next year.

The Yaris Cross is the third member of the Yaris series, after the Yaris and the Yaris JR sports model, with a greater differentiation in design lines that enhances its identity belonging to the category "crossover", whether by obtaining an external structure Longer and wider compared to the "Yaris" and "Yaris JR", or at the level of the "muscular" features on the wheel housing, taking advantage of ground clearance (the height of the car below the surface of the earth) increases by 30 millimeters compared to the rest of the Yaris models, as well Moreover, the luggage compartment can hold a cargo capacity of up to 390 liters.

The new car is based, as standard, on the front-wheel drive system, with the ability for dealers to get the option of a four-wheel-drive system, in a feature we rarely see in the small crossover class. Toyota has provided its new car with a hybrid power unit that combines a three-cylinder 1.5-liter combustion fuel engine, joining forces with an electric generator to jointly produce 116 horsepower.