Car manufacturer Ford will not officially launch its self-driving taxi on the road until 2022. The company reports this when publishing its quarterly figures (PDF). The company actually wanted to do that in 2021. The postponement is due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ford points to "long-term effects of the coronavirus" as a reason to wait a while before releasing the self-driving taxi service. "We need to analyze the impact it has on consumer behavior," the company wrote in a statement to TechCrunch . The postponement ensures that research can be done.

In recent years, Ford has been testing self-driving cars in American cities such as Miami and Austin. In 2017, Ford bought the company Argo AI, which designs the underlying platform for the autonomous cars.

Other manufacturers are also working on self-driving taxi services. General Motors, Uber and Alphabet subsidiary Waymo, among others, do this. Many manufacturers announced they had stopped testing these cars earlier this year in an effort to stop further spread of the coronavirus.