Controversy has emerged on YouTube, where a YouTuber, believed to be an incumbent doctor, is killing a patient in an emergency room.

Yesterday (28th), on the online community and social media, netizens raised a problem with the YouTube channel 'ER story [emergency room first person vlog]'. This is because the image of the patient in the emergency room was revealed.

In the video titled 'Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation / Thanks to the Death of the Deceased,' Youtuber filmed the process of a patient undergoing emergency treatment, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and tracheal intubation, with a camera attached to his body. Even in the urgent situation of first aid, I removed the camera from my body and put it down where I could see the sagging process.
The process has been released online, with some mosaic processing. YouTuber released the patient's symptoms such as 'Dizziness, Addiction, Urolithiasis, and Brain Hemorrhage' as subtitles on the right side of the screen, and when the patient eventually died, the subtitle 'Sim Jung-ji' appeared in red letters.

The YouTuber introduced himself as "an emergency medicine specialist who has been in the emergency room for over 15 years." And "All the episodes here were filmed in the first person view of emergency medicine specialists," he said. "By showing the diagnosis and treatment process of the disease more realistically, we want to provide more practical information to both medical and general people." .

In addition, he explained, "All episodes show the actual emergency room treatment process. You may feel uncomfortable." However, as the controversy grew, the channel that opened on the 28th of last month and uploaded a total of 7 'episodes' today (29th) ) It was closed at dawn.

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(Photo = online community capture)