Medical staffs who have been caring for patients with dedication say that there are many confirmed patients, but they should not let go of the tension.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun will deliver the last 100 days of those who are fighting the virus and defending the field today.


[Daegu Dongsan Hospital Nurse (Last February): You need a non-contact thermometer. Please cooperate a lot!]

Items such as protective clothing and thermometers, as well as hospital beds and medical staffs were lacking.

This is the only private hospital in Dong-gu, Daegu, where the entire hospital was emptied to treat patients with Corona19.

[Daegu Dongsan Hospital Nurses: I think it's like a real fire, two months.]

Now, the number of patients has been reduced and various items have been generous, but the patients at the Life Therapy Center, which are closing at the end of this month, are moving in.

[Seo Young-Sung / Kyungmyung University, Dong-gu Hospital, Daegu: The biggest problem in exhaustion is that medical staffs are concerned that they will not be infected

. ”

Although the patient who was serious enough to receive treatment for an artificial cardiopulmonary system and Ekmo was discharged healthy and 6 out of 9 beds were stable, it was necessary to tighten tensions to confirm the news from other hospital medical staff.

[Lim Hyo-jin / National Designated Quarantine Hospital Nurse at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital: Gloves are all covered with sweat, so gloves don't come off well when you undress… . (I still try to prevent infection.) All the

hospital staff have been fighting Corona 19 together by disinfecting every corner of the screening clinic.

[Kim Hyung-Pil / Seoul National University Hospital Patient Safety Management: Since the most important thing is cleanliness and disinfection, I care the most about it.]

Even today, those who stand at the forefront of Corona 19 appeal to all of them to help them prevent re-proliferation.

[Seo Young-Sung / Keimyung University, Dongsan Hospital, Daegu Hospital: Don't let go of tension and use a mask when you go out. Please stick to the basics!]

(Video coverage: Seung-won Park and Dong-cheol Kang, video editing: Lee So-young)  

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