is known as the world's largest pornography site operator. Son Jung-woo, who was originally scheduled to go out today (28th), was arrested again at the detention center yesterday. A full-fledged process has begun to return the United States to demand extradition.

Reporter Jeong Suk Jeong on the sidewalk.


Son, who was sentenced to June 1 year in prison for allegedly producing sexual exploitation video in May last year, was due to be released at 00:00 today.

But Mr. Son was arrested again yesterday in a prison in Seoul.

The prosecution executed an Indian warrant issued by the court on the 20th to repatriate the United States.

Prosecutors will soon file for a request to hand over Mr. Son's offense, and the court must decide whether to deliver it within two months.

Son is accused of distributing thousands of child and adolescent sexual exploits by running the 'Welcome to Video' site on the Dark Web from July 2015 to March 2018.

Son is also charged with US courts for nine charges, including distributing child pornography.

However, even if he is repatriated to the United States, Son is not expected to be punished for allegedly producing sexual exploitation videos that are subject to a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.

This is because the sentence has already been confirmed in Korea for the same charges.

Instead, it is expected that they will be tried for international money laundering charges.