Quality meat, temperature, optimal cooking and few toppings. These are the keys to preparing a tall burger with Hamburguesa Nostra

Coronavirus, last minute

It's one more note on the list of things we've parked for quarantine: enjoying a gourmet burger at our favorite restaurant. But we can also develop a plan B and learn how to prepare it at home following the advice of Hamburguesa Nostra, a restaurant chain specialized in hamburgers, whose products are available in El Corte Inglés and delicatessen shops . Let's go there!

Quality meat

It is the first pillar on which to build the homemade burger. You can choose between those that are already made, of the variety that you like: veal; if you prefer more intense flavors, beef ... Or, if you are quite a cook, prepare it yourself with minced meat (the firm keeps its butcher shop open in Madrid's Chamartín Market), so you only have to mix it with minced garlic , breadcrumbs and the beaten yolk of an egg. Protect the mixture with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge for 30 minutes so that the flavors are well integrated . Once out of the cold, take a piece of the dough, the amount will depend on how thick and large you want it, and start making balls of a certain consistency that you will later give the shape of a hamburger.

Tempering, that's the question

If you want to achieve a professional result, it is essential to temper the meat: between one and two hours. The most appropriate thing is "to place it in a warm place, for example, near the fire if you are cooking something," they explain from Hamburguesa Nostra. The minimum temperature of the meat is 18 degrees , so when you cook it, the heat will spread faster and you will prevent it from burning on the outside and being excessively raw on the inside.

Beef burger

The point and the frying pan

There is nothing better than an iron skillet to optimally transmit heat. Put a few drops of oil on it and heat it to the maximum, so the outside of the hamburger will caramelize. Cook each side for one to three minutes , although, of course, it is only a recommendation, it is already known that for tastes ... With the help of two spatulas, hold the meat vertically and roll it so that its perimeter acquires a flavor and a homogeneous texture; Another option is to use a homemade torch. In that same frying pan you can toast the bread (this will impregnate the flavor of the hamburger), you just have to remove the excess oil first.

Less is more

There are maxims that marry wonderfully in gastronomy and in the case of hamburgers, too. Although you can throw the house out the window with accompaniments of all kinds, containment with toppings is recommended to avoid stealing the role of quality meat .

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