Apart from the government, several local governments are already providing emergency disaster relief funds to their residents. Some people give it to local vouchers or prepaid cards, and there are some people who cash it for a cheaper price. The city of Seoul has said that it will recover everyone if it is caught.

Reporter Sangmin Kim.


There are postings on a used trading site to sell or buy local love gift certificates or cards at a price lower than the face value.

The so-called 'gift voucher cans' are trading online, where local governments that each local government has paid in the name of disaster assistance funds at discount prices.

Even if you receive a little less money instead of a local gift voucher or prepaid card with a limited amount of money, it is estimated that you want cash.

They are earning unearned income through trading of vouchers, but they also violate the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, which prohibits local currency transactions such as prepaid cards.

As the controversy continued, the city of Seoul decided to collect the entire amount of the support money if it was caught selling and selling mobile vouchers.

[Seoul City Officials: There are ordinances regarding the issuance and operation of the Seoul Love Gift Certificate. On the basis of this, there are regulations that cannot be resold ... .] If

Governor Lee Jae-myeong is also caught, he warned that the marketplace operator who neglected it could be punished as an accomplice.

Second hand trading sites have either announced that they are temporarily restricting the sale of local vouchers distributed by the government, or have set related terms as banned.

[Site official: Since there are some concerns, the announcement will probably go up today and say that we want to strongly limit (transaction) within the platform ... .] As the

government is also in the process of paying for emergency disaster assistance, it seems that more rigorous monitoring is needed for this kind of action that breaks down the policy.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-sung, Video editing: Park Ki-deok, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)  

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