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During the April 15th general election, called 'Judgment of the Judiciary', and former Deputy Chief Justice Lee Soo-jin, who ran for the Democratic Party candidate, said in the courtroom that the former chief justice, Yang Seung-tae, said, "I played a lot of intermediaries."

Prosecutors released data containing this during a documentary investigation today (14th) at the proceedings of former court deputy chief Lim Jong-heon, held at the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement Section 36 hearing.

The data released by the prosecution today was a table created by former judge Lee Tan-hee, another 'judicial farmer exposeer', during an investigation by the Supreme Court's fact-finding committee in March 2017.

Based on his cell phone text, notebook, calendar, etc., the previous judge traced memories and made conversations with people around him in the form of a table by date.

In this table, when I spoke to former chief judge Lee Soo-jin in January of the same year, he said, "I heard a call from a high-ranking administration. I don't want to have a joint academic conference."

The currency is related to the suspicion that Yang Seung-tae, the court administration of the justice system, tried to stop the January 2017 conference on 'The Judicial System for Human Rights Guarantee (Human Hair)'.

Insamo, a so-called resident in the International Human Rights Law Research Association, was preparing an academic conference on the subject of judges at the time.

According to the contents of the table prepared by the former judge, it can be interpreted that the former chief judge delivered the weight of the court administration concerned about the conference.

At the end of the academic conference, former judge Lee Tan-hee wrote down the information he received from former chief judge Soo-jin Lee.

At the time, ex-president Judge Soojin Lee said, "I had a discussion with the former committee member of the former sentencing committee."

However, it did not describe what the 'intermediate role' specifically referred to by the former chief judge was.

Former Vice President Soo-Jin Lee and former Judge Tan-Hee Lee have been running for the Democratic Party in the April 15th general election with the promise of 'judicial reform'.

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