On the 16th day after the general election, 3 million students from middle and high school and elementary school, starting from the 3rd and 3rd grades, have already started the new semester. However, there are still repeated disconnects or long waits on Internet sites required for distance learning.

Reporter Song In-ho covered.


It is an 'e-learning site' operated by the Korea Education and Research Information Service under the Ministry of Education.

It is a place where teachers place necessary materials for distance learning.

However, from 9:00 am, over 240,000 students logged into the site simultaneously, and errors continued throughout the morning.

[Elementary school students using e-learning site: When I clicked on the login, the screen was stopped for about 2 to 3 minutes, and the page was skipped. ”

The EBS online class, which had a connection failure yesterday, has also been delayed for another hour from 9:45 am.

[EBS online class high school students: I have to take all the courses from the homepage. When I first heard it, it was opened and pressed, and it was all right. But as time passed, there was no response.]

As the obstacles to the learning management system for distance learning continued, some schools even created guide videos to prevent confusion on the second school day.

[Gimpo Gahyeon Elementary School YouTube video: Don't worry if you don't have access or your computer crashes. If you study today's class on the e-learning site within 7 days, you will be considered attendance.]

[Elementary school teacher: The complaint phone was flooded because it wasn't open all morning. Starting with 'I'm crying because I can't access our child'. There is no law that does not happen on the 16th.]

The Ministry of Education plans to distribute e-learning sites for elementary school students and EBS online classes for middle and high school students.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, VJ: Shin So-young, Screen provided: Gimpo Gahyeon Elementary School)