Joo-bin Joo and two accomplices, who made and distributed sexual exploitation videos, were handed over to the trial. Although several allegations have been applied, the prosecution decided to actively consider applying the alleged 'organization of a criminal group' that could be sentenced to the maximum possible imprisonment.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan reports.


The prosecution's charges of arresting Jo Joo-bin were 14 kinds of crimes, including the distribution of pornography, forced assault, and rape attempts.

In addition to the 12 charges sent by the police, in SBS Wonder Story Y, to stop victims from broadcasting about the doctor's room, they added videos of victims committing suicide notices and accusing other competing sexually exploited chat room operators of falsely accusing them of compulsive assault. .

It also included charges of getting 15 million won to give freelance reporter Kim Woong a USB with key personnel information.

Suk-Hee Son, president of JTBC and former Jang Hyun-Jun, may be charged with further charges of fraud charges against Gwangju Mayor.

Prosecutors are considering whether or not to apply for criminal organizing crimes, which can lead to the maximum imprisonment of criminals, but the prosecutors said that they are "organic unions that share a role centering on Jo Joo-bin."

[Yoo Hyun-jung / Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office TF Team Leader, Digital Sex Crime Special: Jo Joo-bin is at the center, and the majority have committed crimes sequentially and continuously by sharing the roles of attracting victims, making sexual exploits, distributing them, and withdrawing profits. ]

Since the prosecution has strengthened the standards for handling cases to prosecute at least 15 years and maximum imprisonment for criminals who have committed sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, it is unlikely that Jo Joo-bin will be able to avoid heavy sentence even with confirmed charges.

(Video coverage: Doowon Yang, Video editing: Junhee Kim)