It's the weather these days that I want to go outside, but it's a good idea to endure this weekend even for everyone's health. The government continues to urge the government to maintain a social distance until the 19th of this month, and we will explain why this is important and the results of the investigation we commissioned the National Cancer Center.

Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


The number of people taking a walk between cherry blossom paths or doing light exercise has recently increased.

It is recommended to wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 m or more, but it may not be observed. [Park Gap-ho / Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi: Take off (mask) and walk with them in your hands. That's not what I wanted. So, to avoid it, we walked each other busy… ]

Hongdae night street, people who are drunk or wearing masks can see it without difficulty.

As a result of SBS data journalism team analysis, the floating population of Hongdae, which has halved compared to a year ago in early March, has been increasing gradually.

Namsan Dulle-gil, where cherry blossoms have been booming, has risen to 78,000, or 73% of last year.

The deadline for placing social distance once extended by the government on the 19th is less than 10 days, and if social distance is collapsed, there is a danger of serious damage.

I commissioned the National Cancer Center for simulation.

The number of corona19 infections, which indicates the average number of corona patients a person can infect, has recently fallen to 0.81. It's possible.

With more contacts, the infection doubles, and the infection index rises to 1.77. In a month, more than 6,500 patients can develop more than 500 confirmed patients a day.

[Dr. Choi Sun-hwa / Department of Cancer Management, National Cancer Center: If you get a little loose, this trend will change into a spreading trend. .]

The fatigue of social distance will build up, but experts point out that this period determines our appearance for at least the next few months.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-joo, Video editing: Jun-hee Kim, CG: Hong Sung-yong, Song Kyung-hye, Lee Ye-jung, VJ: Young-sam Jeong, Data analysis: Bae Yeo-woon, National Cancer Center Research Team)