The Special Prosecutors' Office to seize the truth of the Sewol ferry seized and searched the Presidential Archives. It was to investigate the suspicion that at the time of the Park Geun-hye administration, the Blue House and passport officials had interfered with the investigation of the truth of the Sewol Special Committee.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo reports.


The Sewol tragedy special investigation team under the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, launched in November last year, has seized and searched the Presidential Archives in Sejong City for four days.

This is a method of presenting a warrant and reading the documents produced by the Blue House during the Park Geun-hye administration.

It has been three years since the Blue House reportedly seized and searched the Presidential Archives to investigate allegations that the report was manipulated 30 minutes later.

Prosecutors are looking for materials to prove suspicion that the Blue House and passport officials at the time were interfering with the investigation.

In addition, we are also confirming that there are documents reported to the Blue House regarding the results of the investigation by the Special Forces Command that the former ROK Military Command inspected the surviving families of the Sewol.

Previously, the Sewol ferry families filed a complaint with the prosecution, saying that Cho Yun-seon, former chief of staff Jeong Moo-suk, and former deputy chief of staff Saenuri Party, Kim Jae-won, met at a hotel in Seoul in January 2015, trying to reduce the budget and organization of the Special Committee.

The prosecution plans to summon and investigate related parties, including former vice-chairman Dae Dae-hwan, who has served as the last civilian chief of the Park Geun-hye administration from the 16th following the general election.

(Video coverage: Mincheol Kim, Video editing: Yumira)