The Microsoft Surface Neo, a dual-screen tablet, is said to have been postponed until after 2020. According to sources from ZDNet and CNBC , the device will be discontinued this year. The tablet announced in October should actually go on sale during the holiday season.

Surface Neo should enable users to work more productively by allowing two apps to work side by side simultaneously. The device runs on Windows 10X, a new version of the operating system developed especially for the dual screen tablet.

Microsoft is reportedly now focusing on work to make Windows 10X work well on single-screen devices as well. Development of the two-screen software has stalled as a result, CNBC said.

Microsoft presented the Surface Duo at the same time as a fold-out Android smartphone: the Surface Duo, which should also be released in late 2020. That schedule has reportedly not changed, ZDNet writes.

A Microsoft spokesperson did not comment to the US news site.