However, as the number of additional confirmers decreased, entertainment establishments that had been closed in Daegu are opening again. Half of the business started to operate, but Daegu City immediately decided to ban the business if it broke the quarantine rules.

I am TBC Han Hyun-ho.


It is near Dongseong-ro, Daegu on the 20th of last month, when 69 new confirmers occurred.

Clubs and bar alleys still filled the streets of many 20s.

It is difficult to find social distance. We went on site inspection with the ward office staff.

Karaoke guests follow the staff's instructions to make a list of names and contact information. [Please write your name and contact information here. I've lost my body temperature once.]

However, there are many entertainment establishments that do not check customer status.

[Karaoke Owner: I tried to buy a thermometer, but I can't get it. Not even in pharmacies ... .]

[City Officer: If you come while you are away, you should ask if you have a fever or a cold.]

According to Daegu City, over half of 56% of karaoke shops were closed, and less than half of the nightlife and pubs were closed.

Daegu City strongly advised the business to stop operating until the 19th. For nightlife taverns that do not follow the recommendations, we will thoroughly check the compliance with the quarantine guidelines with the police today (10th) and tomorrow.

In addition, if the entertainment stores that continue to operate do not comply with the quarantine guidelines, they will issue an administrative order in accordance with the principle of zero tolerance and also claim damages if there is a confirmed person.

(Video coverage: Koo Seung-seung, TBC Lee Sang-ho)