Facebook still has to account in court in the United States for following people on other websites. The US appeals court has determined that Facebook users can sue the company under California law.

The Facebook users accuse the social medium of following them on other websites by means of like buttons. The information that the company collects in this way about the surfing behavior is used to create advertising profiles.

The user profiles expose what someone likes, dislikes, interests and habits over a significant period of time, "said Judge Sidney Thomas." Without allowing users to control or prevent the unsolicited exploration of their private lives. "

A Facebook spokesperson says the case is unfounded and says the company will continue to defend itself.

A judge in California decided in 2017 in favor of Facebook. He argued that the prosecutors had no legal basis for relying on financial loss. The four Facebook users then asked the appeals court to review the case in June 2018, Law360 said.

In January, Facebook made it clear to Dutch users what information the company collects about surfing behavior on other websites.