It has been two days since high school and middle school students started school online. Fortunately, there was no connection error like yesterday (9th), but there are still many problems to solve before entering more students.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon was covered.


In principle, the Ministry of Education required students to attend and attend attendance online on the day of the class, but depending on the situation, an exception was made to allow attendance after a week.

Therefore, attendance management, which is directly related to the personal affairs, is applied differently at each school, and the equity is controversial.

[Foreign language high school 3rd grade: I do not understand what I do for a week (within attendance check). Isn't that supposed to be the case? That seems a little absurd.] The quality of the learning materials is also very different depending on the teacher's competence, so a voice of dissatisfaction comes out among the high school students who are preparing for the entrance exam.

[3rd grade in general high school: The children's satisfaction is not so good, and the class quality is too poor… The gap between teachers is large, but the kids don't like it.]

It also complains of the deprivation that comes from the infrastructure gap.

[In the case of general high school 3rd grade: OO high, I made my own server in case the EBS server would burst (down). They have completely different broadcasting equipment. Almost incredibly support ... ]

Teachers emphasize the need for improvement, as it is difficult to upload lecture materials as well as create lecture materials.

[Yun Sun-hwa / High School Mathematics Teacher, 2nd grade: Convert (data) to the Internet, download it, shoot it, upload it to the Internet and edit it… 'uh… I think many teachers say 'I can't do class'.]

EBS announced to refrain from uploading class materials between 8 am and 3 pm to prevent delays in access.

However, it is pointed out that more fundamental measures, such as network expansion, must be prepared 16 days before the rest of the elementary and middle school students start school.

(Video coverage: Jang Un-suk, Video editing: Ha Sung-won, VJ: Shin So-young)