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Mike Castle, Alan Aisenberg and Carmen Flood during the filming of the series.

-The platform fiction narrates the life of two brothers who cannot be seen but who have to run a brewery

Law firms, offices, hospitals, advertising agencies, the Oval Office or the writing of a newspaper or television. All of these places, and many more, have been the setting for a television series.

Even the small screen is full of mythical bars, such as the Cheers , the Peach Pit of Feeling of Living or the Maclaren's from How I Met Your Mother . Now a craft brewery in the US is also going to be one of those television spots thanks to Brews Brothers , a new fictional series that premieres Netflix on Friday, April 10.

Life in a brewery is not new on television, but before it had been done in documentary format, with series such as The Beer Hunter , by beer expert Michael Jackson, Brew Dogs , by James Watt and Martin Dickie, brewers of the Scottish BrewDog or Brew Master , made by Sam Calagione, from the American brewer Dogfish.

Two brothers and a craft brewer

Frame from the series.

With Brews Brothers the platform makes a foray into a world with more and more presence. And he does it through two brothers, Wilhelm and Adam, played by Alan Aisenberg ( Orange is the New Black ) and Mike Castle ( Clipped ) respectively. These two apparently incompatible brothers, who will have to work together to, in the midst of chaos, run their brewery .

Each one has a point of view of how the business should be run. "Wilhelm makes beer like someone who plays the guitar," Alan Aisenberg tells METROPOLI since his confinement in New York. Her brother opts for the more rational and scientific side. "They do incredible stupid things," says Alan.

And as in life itself, in the brewery there are good times, bad times, laughter, humor, sibling fights and sex ... "Three hours of rude jokes, of sex, beer, some crazy things that you will not believe that you're going to be able to find that on television, " predicts Alan.

The production, and supervision, of the eight chapters of the first season, features the Schaffer brothers, some old acquaintances of North American comedy. Jeff and Greg are the creators of successful series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm , The League or Those Wonderful 70s , with a very young Ashton Kurtcher.

The series was filmed for two months in an authentic Los Angeles brewery and all the actors received a week of training by authentic master brewers. "I wanted to know everything because my character knew nothing and I wanted to know everything to know what he did not know," confesses the actor of Argentine origin but living in the United States.

After filming was complete, Sam Adams' brewers gave him the go-ahead. Shooting in real settings, with real beer and real equipment allows "those who like beer to see that it is authentic," says Alan.

And yes, all the beer that comes out in the series is real beer. Although the one that the actors take is without alcohol. "We were shooting 12 hours, if we weren't shooting yet," says Alan, who has not been able to enjoy them because 48 hours before getting the role they detected that he was celiac: "I went from drinking a lot of beer to nothing and that hurts me."

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