The city of Seoul has actually ordered the suspension of business until the 19th when it comes to downtown entertainment. So far, if it has been delivered and handed over the order, it will be strongly responded to the offending business starting today (10th).

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae.


Officials arrive at a nightlife in Gangnam, Seoul, which is noisy late at night.

The city of Seoul conducted a major on-site inspection that delivered a ban on gathering last night to the establishment.

[Entertainer of the entertainment business: Open until today (9th) and not start tomorrow (10th)… We thought it didn't apply.]

[Jeong-hee Jeong / Head of the Catering Industry Hygiene Team in Seoul: I have to tell them to close first. (From the 10th night) I'm going to shut down immediately. I plan to completely block it.]

By the 19th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government ordered the prohibition of collective gathering in four industries, including entertainment and pubs, clubs and emotional pubs and colatech.

That's why an unspecified number of people are at increased risk of group infection as they dance or drink.

More than 2,000 in Seoul alone, 80% of the past two weeks followed a recommendation to shut down, but the remaining 400 did not properly comply with the quarantine guidelines.

In the industry, there is a strong backlash, saying that most of the livelihoods are large except for some large establishments.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to face a fine of up to 3 million won not only for the violent owners but also for employees and customers, through joint crackdown with the police tonight.