German technology magazine “t3n” reported that the student, Ryan Beckeren, discovered a set of errors and security holes in the "Safari" browser from the company "Apple", which allows pirates to access the user's "microphone" and web camera, but can share the screen Without the user’s knowledge, these vulnerabilities exist in the Mac OS and iOS operating system. The magazine quoted Bikrin as clarifying that access to the microphone or the web camera was not the biggest problem at all, but rather some technical neglect, which was easily discovered, appeared so that these errors could be used to launch hacking attacks on users ’devices.

Bikrin said that if the user wants to save the security settings in "Safari", then the browser will do so in connection with the application, indicating that for example if the user allows the application "Skype" instant access to the "webcam" for the first time, after inquiring about it whether The application was allowed to access the microphone and the web camera, and the user confirmed this query. Safari saves this permission and applies it automatically every time the web camera and microphone are accessed.