As mentioned before, the general election will be held for tomorrow (10th), day after day, and two days. However, it was found that there were not many cases where the pre-voting site was installed in places where it was difficult for the disabled to access. The data journalism team analyzed the whole thing in the booklet.

I'm Bae Yeon Bae.


A preliminary polling place in Seoul.

The polling place is on the 3rd floor, but there is no elevator for the disabled.

[Jin-Seok Kim / Paralysis Level 1 Disability: Where is the elevator? (Because it is a temporary building, there is no elevator.) I can't go up because of the stairs.]

Another preliminary polling place, this is the basement, but there is no lift.

Of the 3,500 pre-voting stations nationwide, 270 were not even on the first floor, and there was no elevator, making it difficult for people with disabilities to access.

In Seoul, where voters with the greatest number of people with disabilities are present, 21% of the pre-voting places were inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Busan was 16% and Incheon was 15%.

If it is difficult for people with disabilities to access, you can have a voting clerk or set up a temporary voting booth, but considering that 99% of the polling places on the 15th are prepared where there is no problem with the use of the disabled, the location of the pre-voting site is regrettable.

[Jun-Soo Yoon / Chief of Public Affairs, Central Election Commission: Unlike the regular polling place, the electoral communication network must be established. We will do our best to select a place where facilities for the disabled are installed.]

In addition, there were 7.9% of pre-voting stations with sign interpreters for the deaf and only 2.6% of Seoul.

In the case of facilities for the disabled, emergency bells were installed only 9%, disabled toilets only 27%, and braille induction blocks were installed only 32%.

(Video editing: Hong Sung-yong, CG: Chae-cheol Cha, VJ: Cho-ah Kim)