The presentation of the new emojis of 2021 has been postponed by half a year, the Unicode Consortium announces on its website. The organization that standardizes the characters normally presents the new emojis in March, but will be in September next year.

That means it will also take longer for the emojis to make their way to smartphones. New emojis presented at the beginning of the year will usually be available on various devices around September. However, due to the postponement, a new series will only be added in 2022.

The Unicode Consortium points to the outbreak of the coronavirus as the cause. As a result of the pandemic, the organization simply "cannot commit to the same schedule" as usual, said Chairman Mark Davis.

The postponement has no effect on the emojis that were presented early this year. Keyboards are expected to feature emojis in the fall that include a piñata, transgender flag, seal, polar bear, boomerang, mousetrap, and blueberry.