I gave you the news of online schooling earlier, but how did schools in the island or mountain villages welcome school?

Reporter Kim Hyung-Rae visited Yeonpyeong Island Island Village School and started the preparation process.


Yeonpyeong Elementary and High School is the only school in the island village with a population of over 2,000.

The number of middle and high school students totals 68, of which 16 middle and high school students first enter online school.

Teachers who entered the final inspection the day before the school day began to like the poor Internet environment.

[Kwon Mi-kyung / Yeonpyeong Elementary and High School Research Director: Since this is an island (share), it is difficult to get it, but I think it will take some time to come.]

[Hyung-Jin Seo / Yeonpyeong Elementary and High School Teacher: There is a slight delay in communicating with students, not quickly. I use hotspots or tethering using teachers' personal smartphones.]

It's awkward to say hello to a device, and the principal is the same.

[Lee Jong-seop / Yeonpyeong Elementary and Middle High School Principal: (I didn't take a video and took a picture.) I'll have to do it again. Then I'm so hard now! (Q!) Hello, students?]

Finally, on the first day of the online school day, teachers once again check the connection status and call attendance to see if the students are all there.

[Did you come in later? Aigo. Would you like to contact someone who comes in contact with Jifu and come in once?]

[(I'm going to ask you what it's like for the first time online, why don't you try it?) It's very uncomfortable. (Very uncomfortable.)

[(Which is uncomfortable?) Because it's different from the offline, offline, everyone has different equipment and sound quality… ]

Careful consideration is needed to ensure that students in the mountainous regions of the island are not marginalized during the first online school.

(Video coverage: Gongjin-gu, Image editing: So Ji-hye)