Corona 19's first ever online school started today (9th) for middle and high school seniors. However, in the case of schools that opened with the EBS online class, confusion has arisen, such as being unable to log in due to the large number of access users.

This is reporter Song In-ho.


900,000 students in the third year of middle and high school had their first online school today.

Students went online and watched the learning videos after attending the opening ceremony.

The homeroom teachers checked the learning videos and checked attendance online.

But on the first day of online schooling, confusion arose.

Some students who started with the EBS online class experienced great inconvenience, such as being unable to attend classes due to delayed access.

EBS posted a notice on the site saying that access to elementary and junior high school online classes has been delayed due to the simultaneous access from 9 am.

Some parents have questioned the effectiveness of online schooling, saying that students do not focus on learning, such as playing online games and playing games.

Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun at the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters meeting today urged meticulous consideration for students from vulnerable groups.

[Jung Se-Kyun / Prime Minister: Special consideration is needed to ensure that special students such as low-income families, single-parent families, grandson families, multicultural families, and students with disabilities are not alienated or left behind in remote classes.]

Starting online, middle school and high school 1st-2nd graders, elementary school 4th, 5th, and 6th graders start their remote classes on the 16th, starting with middle school 3rd and 3rd, Start school.