Cho-Bin Cho, the operator of Telegram 'Park's Room', 18-year-old Mr. A was in court today (9th) to be arrested.

Deputy Chief Justice Kim Tae-gyun of the Seoul Central District Court is conducting an arrest warrant for Mr. A, who is alleged to be in violation of the Act on Sexual Protection of Children and Youths from 10:30 am today.
Mr. A, who covered his face with a hat and mask, went to court without answering the interview questions, such as "What orders did you receive from Joe?"

The police investigating the case have just filed a warrant for arrest.

Mr. A is accused of using the nickname 'Buta' to recruit and manage the doctor's room participants, and to deliver the crime proceeds obtained through the doctor's room to Mr. Cho.

(Photo = Yonhap News)