Today (9th), there was a fire on a fishing boat that was operating in the southern sea of ​​Jeju at dawn. The dispatched Haekyung saved six captains and crew, but two of them died.

I am JIBS Kim Yeon-sun.


[Be assured. I'll rescue you.]

The red life suit prepared by Haekyung unfolds, and the crew hanging from the fishing buoy is displaced.

Today, a light of 9.77t Jeju long-line fishing boat 'Gwanghaeho' caught fire at 55km southeast of Seogwipo.

'Daeyeonho', a shipment of Jeju that was operating in the vicinity, reported black smoke around 6 o'clock this morning.

All six crew members were rescued in an hour, but two people, including 73-year-old Park Mo and 66-year-old Yang Mo, died and the ship was burned down and sunk.

[Captain Fire's family: I was asleep at dawn, but when I asked him, who was among the crew who was exploding for gas to eat, it wasn't that, but probably in the engine room (it seems to be on fire.)]

Haekyung estimates that the crew recognized the fire and plunged into the sea.

Rescue personnel were able to bring life-saving bees directly to the accident site without dropping the life-saving bee from the helicopter to increase the probability of rescue.

[Park Min-cheol / Seogwipo Marine Police Station Rescue Security Officer: It seems that the reason why the marine police helicopter arrived at the scene quickly and that the crew gathered in one place while catching the buoy for fishing gear was able to quickly rescue.]

Haekyung plans to find out the cause of the death of the crew killed by autopsy and investigate the exact cause of the fire against the surviving crew.

(Video coverage: JIBS Han Seung-han, screen provided: Seogwipo Marine Police Station)