In order to prevent the spread of Corona 19, on the 9th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, middle school students started on-line.

According to the Ministry of Education, a tutoring school specialized in English and mathematics in the metropolitan area recently sent a text message to parents, saying, "We will open the school at the same time as the school class, and manage and supervise children to attend school remote classes." I announced

The academy attracted parents' attention, saying, "I'm afraid I'll worry about whether the children will listen at home, even though I do remote classes at school with regular timetables."

He said, "If you turn on by 8:30 am before the time to check attendance at school, you will enter the classroom after the fever check and hand disinfection." "In the classroom, we will maintain a distance of 2 m between individuals and provide a smart device charger." Notice.

This school was emphasized that, while being an "autonomous attendant only for those who wished to be", it will help reduce the fear of side effects that may occur at home, such as distractions or leaving the room during classes.

A moisturizing academy in Chungnam Province also decided to open a self-study room from this day so that students can take a remote school lesson at the academy.

An official from the academy said, "It was closed until mid-March and was operated according to government policy. However, it turned to autonomous attendance since last week. I have to write it. "

As such, we decided to provide a 'self-study space' for remote classes at schools, not only in the neighborhood moisturizing schools, but also in famous schools in large schools such as Daechi-dong and Mok-dong and large franchise schools.

Parents' opinions are mixed with this movement.

High school student parent Jeong Mo (49) said, "The high school students are all big, so it's not safe to leave them alone, but because they are all big, I'm more worried about not taking classes and doing other things." It would be distracting, but it would be a relief if he went to a hagwon. "

On the other hand, Choi Mo (44), a parent of junior high school students, said, “I am starting school online because of Corona 19. If one child who comes to the institute is asymptomatic, may there be a group infection among children?” I have to do it. ”

It is also pointed out that the government does not follow this because the government only 'recommends' the high-level social distance.

The day before, the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters recommends suspension of operations to schools and classrooms like religious facilities and entertainment facilities, and strengthens administrative orders, but can be operated by instructors and students wearing all masks and maintaining a gap of 1 to 2 m between students. Left room for.
An official from the Ministry of Education said, "Is it okay to take remote school lessons while keeping disinfection guidelines at the academy?" .

The official said, "If this fact is discovered in the field inspection of the school, we will immediately correct it. We will see if it is against the law."

Chung Kyung-won, a policy member of the justice party, said, “The school law should be revised within the term of the 20th National Assembly so that the school can issue a compulsory absence order when there is a concern about infection.” If not, special measures such as subsidizing school rent I have to come out. "

According to the Ministry of Education, only 4,657 (32.1%) of the 12,619 schools and training centers nationwide were closed for social distance as of the last 3 days.

(Photo = Yonhap News)