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Current critic Criticism Hyun-Joon Ko's new start will begin. What's your first Wednesday news?

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

While social streets are in full swing with Corona 19, Lotte World held a half price discount event in Jamsil, Seoul, and received a lot of public opinion.
Earlier, Lotte World held an event that discounted the price of tickets for half of the month for those who come in school uniforms for the month of April or whose birthday is April.

However, as the news spread, it was pointed out that it was an inappropriate event when social distance was in full swing due to the spread of Corona19.

Criticism has become even stronger as more than 20 people line up in front of the Lotte World ticket office in the online community.

On the bulletin board of the National Petition for the Blue House, a petition to close domestic leisure parks and other leisure facilities until the extended social distance was extended has also been posted.

After this controversy, Lotte World eventually decided to stop the discount.

An official from Lotte World explained that the youth discount or April birthday discount was a discount event that was held all year round, but it was decided to end early because it was reflected as a newly launched event to attract visitors to these cities.


If you were doing it every year, you might be a bit unfair. Let's move on to the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

I'll tell you the next news. The following is a case where a Korean couple was caught trying to leave the country without paying a fine even if they were fined for violating the Corona 19 containment regulations in Taiwan.

The Korean couple entered Kaohsiung Airport on February 25th.
They had to self-contain at the hotel until March 11, according to the Taiwan Health Authority's Corona 19 Containment Regulations, but were caught leaving the hotel the day before and were caught on a tour. Was charged.

However, the couple left the hotel without paying fines, and Taiwanese authorities deemed them to have escaped to pay the fines and banned departure on the day.

The couple were caught by the Immigration Service when they tried to depart from Taoyuan Airport on the 2nd. They said that they were unable to pay fines because they had violated related regulations due to communication errors.

However, the Taiwanese authorities have warned that there is no compromise, and that fines can be imprisoned under administrative law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is providing the necessary consular assistance to these couples and is trying to return home as soon as possible.


They also went out on the last day of the self-containment period. So, there may be some unfortunate aspects, these parts that could not be communicated, but anyway, I want other people to think about it and hopefully come back. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

I'll tell you the next news. Two years ago, in Seoul, a Chinese professor who had suffered an acute myocardial infarction and survived an emergency, sent 1,000 masks to Seoul.
Last week, the Seoul City Hall Tourism Policy Division, and 1,000 masks arrived. The sender is Professor Gong Haiyan of Shandong University, China.

Professor Gong attended the World City Tourism Conference held in Seoul two years ago, and suddenly lost his consciousness and collapsed due to an acute myocardial infarction.

At the time, the nurse at the site had urgent measures such as chest compressions, and Professor Gong, who was transferred to the hospital, returned to consciousness two days after the emergency operation, thanks to the well-established initial action in the field.

Professor Gong said he would return to China two weeks later and held an event in Seoul, saying that he was able to restore his health even after this accident, and said he would cherish good memories in Korea.

In the letter I sent with the mask, I sent a message of cheer that the virus will eventually pass and a more beautiful tomorrow will be waiting for us, as if a cold spring would surely come after a cold winter.