Volkswagen hopes to be able to partially resume production in the Spanish region of Navarre from April 20, a factory spokesman said Tuesday. Production was halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

One shift should be started instead of the usual three shifts per week. In addition, the working week is reduced to four days.

The number of shifts may gradually increase in the following weeks, provided that suppliers are able to supply the factory.

The Navarre factory provides approximately 4,800 jobs. How many people can return to work has not been announced. In Spain, the Polo and T-Cross, popular in the Netherlands, are off the production line.

Volkswagen Polo no longer with diesel engine

Earlier on Tuesday, importer Pon announced that the Polo is no longer available in the Netherlands with a diesel engine.

The version with a 1.5-liter petrol engine will also be canceled due to low demand. In addition, the 1.0 TGI version, which also runs on natural gas, is being discontinued. The Polo GTI is temporarily no longer available, but will return in due course.

It is not clear whether the announced changes are a direct result of the production stop. According to Pon, it has been done to reduce the "complexity of the offer".

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