▲ 'Discord' spreads sexual exploitation and arrests college students in their 20s

In the Internet chat messenger 'Discode', which has been moved from the so-called 'telegram n room', 10 men and women, including middle and high school students who have spread sexual exploitation of children and youth, have been arrested by the police.

Most of the sexual exploitation channel operators and distributors in Discord were identified as minors, and among those who even operated direct channels, there was a 12-year-old tactile boy.

The Gyeongbuk Northern Police Agency said today (7th) that it was arrested for a college student in his 20s for alleged violations of the Act on the Protection of Sex in Children and Youth, and special law on the punishment of sexual violence crimes, etc.

Mr. A's nickname was not disclosed due to problems consistent with Mr. A's real name.

The police arrested another channel operator, high school students B and junior high school students C, for alleged violations of the Act on the Protection of Sex for Children and Youth.

Group C, now 12 years old, was an elementary student at the time of the crime last year.

Although not a channel operator, seven people who redistributed sexual exploitation through telegrams or discos were accused of the same charges.

86 people who have not been arrested are being tracked through international cooperation.

Mr. A is the operator of the discoed channel 'All-Yanet 19 Geumbang' and is accused of distributing sexual exploitation of children and youth obtained through various channels.

Mr. A also worked on Telegram.

However, it was found that Telegram did not subscribe to the 'Park Dr. Bang' run by Jo Joo-bin (24).

Mr. A was found to have been doing this to gain profits in exchange for publicity, such as continually distributing child and youth sexual exploitation and encouraging channel members to sign up for specific gambling sites.

When you sign up for membership, Telegram said that you would invite them to the 'VVIP room' run by you.

The publicity he received was estimated at 16 million won.

The police filed for 9 million won before confiscation.

He is also accused of distributing videos and photographs of 'deepfake (a sophisticated synthesis of a celebrity's face in an obscene video or photo)'.

Groups B and C also operate channels at Discord, and like Mr. A, are accused of distributing child and youth sexual exploitation.

Group C is a criminal minor who is a criminal underage between 10 and 14 years of age.

Subsequently, it will be sent to the Family Court, not the prosecution, and the maximum punishment that the Group C can receive is the disposition of long-term juvenile detention within two years.

Of those 7 who redistributed child and youth sexual exploitation through a direct one-on-one conversation (DM · Direct Message) without operating the channel, all of them were identified as minors aged 12 to 17, except one in their 50s. That's it.

They redistributed child and adolescent sexual exploitation by sending a download link in exchange for 10,000 to 30,000 won per video.

For money transactions, we made an account transfer or used a cultural gift certificate.

The total of 1,600 sexual exploitation of these 7 people amounted to 225 GB.

In addition to this, the police secured over 16,000 sexually transmitted child and adolescent sexual exploits during the arrest process.

Among them, the police found that there were no sexual exploits made by Jo Joo-bin.

Deleted seizures are being deleted.

The five channels in operation were closed.
Unlike Telegram, discoed channels that operate like cafes on Internet portal sites operate with game information sharing bulletin boards, so it is difficult to accurately estimate the number of people who have sexual exploitation, but it was found that as many as thousands are subscribed per channel.

The Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency has operated a special investigation team in collaboration with the Cyber ​​Safety Division and the Women and Youth Department to strictly respond to digital sexual crimes after a public outbreak in the 'telegram n room' incident.

The investigation related to Discord was initiated by the report of 'Reset · Reporting Sexual Exploitation in Telegram', which has been monitoring and reporting the sexual exploitation of 'telegram n room'.

There are only 114 discouraged channels reported by 'Project Reset'.

The 'project reset' based on thorough anonymity was mainly made up of voluntary participation through Twitter, and is also helping victims as well as accusations of digital sex offenders.

"The digital sex crime is a serious crime that threatens the social community, so we will use all means to track down and arrest it to the end," said Kim Seon-gyeom, head of cyber investigation at the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency.

He added, "By activating international cooperation, we will spread the perception that even crimes using overseas sites will be arrested and dispel the criminal sentiment. We will do our best to prevent secondary damage to digital sex crimes."

(Photo = Gyeonggi Northern Regional Police Agency, Yonhap News)