Microsoft announced that the Skype platform currently allows video chatting without the need to log in or download a program or application.

The American company explained that it is possible to start video chat via "Skype" without creating an account or downloading the program, unlike other competing programs, as the host does not need access to data and all chat is completely free.

In addition, Microsoft has greatly simplified the user interface, as all that is required is to click on the big blue button on the website, which creates a link that is sent to all participants, who can join the video conference directly, Even without downloading Skype or having to sign in.

The company confirmed that this service is completely independent of the operating system or the terminal device that the user is using, noting that if the user has already downloaded the application, he can start this new form of video chat by simply clicking on the "Conference" button in the sidebar, and not The links that were created expire, so the user can in principle use the link at any time to join the video conference.