▲ False order receipt for Chicken Gangjeong

Five people were arrested and charged per day for a loan fraud arrested in connection with the so-called '330,000 won false positive order'.

Suwon District Prosecutor Seongnam Branch said today (7th) that five people, including 20-year-old Mr. A, were arrested and put on trial for charges of business disruption and joint confinement.

Friends who are friends are accused of using unemployed B and others for loan fraud from November last year to January this year and taking away 17 million won.

It was found that Mr. A's gang involved in loan scams by forging Mr. B, etc., who came to see SNS advertisements and forged employment certificates, and then confined them in motels and raided loans and mobile phones.

In particular, they were found to have falsely ordered a chicken gangjeong worth 330,000 won to B's house in retaliation when Mr. B, who was remorseful in December last year, fled from the motel.

At that time, the store owner of the Chicken Gangjeong was controversial as he knew it as a mischievous order of a school violence perpetrator and announced it online.

Prosecutors are investigating whether or not there is any guilt after confirming that the gang continued to advertise for loan fraud in SNS, etc. even after the false order of the chicken was reported to the media.

(Photo = Kliang Post, Kalum, Yonhap News)