With regard to Dr. Telegram's room, social service personnel who handed over personal information without permission have been arrested, but two public officials were hired on the grounds that the police failed to properly manage and supervise the social service personnel.

Reporter Hong Young-jae reports.


This is a list of personal information that Moo Choi, a social service agent who helped Jo Joo-bin, inquired at the Songpa Wirye Community Center in Seoul.

There are about 200 personal information written on them, but their residences from teens to 70s range from Seoul to Gangwon and Busan.

Mr. Choi was arrested on the 3rd of last month for allegedly handing over 17 out of 200 personal information retrieved to a public official's account from January to June last year to Joo Bin.

Kang Mo, a social service agent from Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, was also charged with the same charges.

It is a charge of neglecting social service personnel who do not have the authority to search personal information for unauthorized access.

[Choi Woo-suk / Attorney: Job guilt may be established because it can be considered that the job to protect the personal information of the people was consciously neglected.]

It is also investigated that the officials did not provide the account and password for access to the resident registration network, but a public official belonging to the Yeongtong-gu Office reportedly said in an inspection investigation that "it seems to have looked up personal information while he was away."

If the status of the job is recognized, you will be sentenced to 1 year or less or 3 years or less.

The police say they will summon and investigate two officials sooner or later, but have said they will also review the alleged violation of the Personal Information Protection Act.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-gi, CG: Jae-jun Lee)